Why should I buy from OpusExpo?

Well, firstly, OpusExpo eBooks are more cost-effective than other eBook websites. For example, our classics are only $0.99. Secondly, OpusExpo eBooks come in ePub format - so they can be read on your computer or almost any device.

Do your eBooks work on eBook Readers?
All OpusExpo eBooks are made for eBook Readers! They can be read on any Sony, Kobo, iRiver, or even iPhone. Of course, they can also be read on your computer (using the free Adobe Digital Editions).

Do I need an OpusExpo account to buy eBooks?
Nope. When you Proceed to Checkout, simply click on "Checkout as a guest."

Why do you need my address to create an account?
We only use your address to verify your billing information.

How do I receive my purchased eBook?
After purchasing an eBook, it will be emailed to you. You can also download it in your account.

What file format are OpusExpo eBooks?
All OpusExpo eBooks are in ePUB format.

Since OpusExpo is Canadian, do I have to be in Canada to buy eBooks?
No - although OpusExpo Inc. is based in Canada, you can purchase our eBooks from anywhere in the world!