Corporate Responsibility

The Environment.

Let's face it - the environment is all we really have.

And it's time for a change.

Unlike almost every other publishing house on the globe, OpusExpo is commited to saving the world's ever-deteriorating environment by publishing and distributing books solely over the internet. Therefore, not a single tree is cut down in the process. After all, over 25 million trees are cut down every year to cater to North America's publishing industry alone.

ogether we can revolutionize the industry and save the world.
One eBook at a time.

The Community.

Calgary. Alberta. Canada. The World.

As a proud member of all these communities, OpusExpo maintains a supportive and family-oriented approach to both business and play. For instance, just this past spring OpusExpo signed on as a Silver Sponsor of the University of Calgary Baja SAE Team, which had an exciting season (to learn more about the Baja SAE team, please read the News Release on the Press Room page).